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My favorite way to add extra fruit & veggies to my diet is through Juice Plus

We all know that it is a struggle to get the recommended fruits & vegetables our body needs each and everyday without a little extra help. Especially if you are in the process of transitioning to a more healthy lifestyle, this can be even more difficult. By adding in Juice Plus each day I can get what my body needs, feel better, and make better choices.

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And if you have children there is a way to be able to get Juice Plus for one child for each adult purchase of Juice Plus by joining the Children’s Study.

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If you would like to grow your own fresh organic produce try a Garden Tower.

Less water, less hassle, less space, grow your own fresh vegetables outside or even inside!

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For information on my favorite anti-oxidant drink, Ningxia Red.

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For information on my favorite organic cleaner:

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